From the Showroom or Auction to your Port of Entry Worldwide. We Represent you. We prepare the Sales Paperwork, Coordinate the Transportation, Export Documentation, and Ocean Freight Forwarding in our Secure US Customs Bonded Warehouse and Vehicle Examination Facility
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best of health


1. You complete our free quote request at Please be very specific.


2. You locate the car you want to buy or notify and we can locate the car you want to buy. This can be done on the internet or through published print media.

3. We represent you or purchase your car or truck tax free through our Florida dealers license using online auctions or from a dealer or private seller and you don't pay any taxes. We can also provide, for a fee a basic inspection service at $49.99 or intensive inspection service at $99.00 of your vehicle to make sure that your vehicle and all of it's sales components are within the vehicle that you purchsed prior to receiving your vehicle for export.
4. We transport your car or truck to's secure US Customs bonded warehouse and Vehicle Examination Facility and photograph it upon arrival.

5. If your purchased car is wrecked or has damage we can provide a complete parts estimate including cost of all replacement parts. These can be Original Equipment Manufacturers Parts (OEM) or Aftermarket Parts. We can also purchase your parts tax free, load them into your vehicle or trunk and ship them to you with your vehicle. We can also have your car professionally repaired and painted at our licensed repair facility.

6. For one low price we prepare all US Customs export documents, letters of intent, commercial invoices, bills of lading, legalization (if necessary), Notary Stamps, Certificates of Origin, (if necessary), SED's and Power of Attorney's all pursuant to Part 192 of Title 19 of the Code of Federal Regulations (19 CFR Part 192). Register today to get your free quote

7. We prepare your vehicle for export by removing all flammable fuels and liquids and hazardous materials.

8. We photograph your cars 4 sided exterior and two interiors photos so that you are confident that the vehicle you purchased is the vehicle you recieve.

9. We load your truck or vehicle into a container or onto a RORO vessel and ship it to you.

10. Once your vehicle has departed the USA you will receive all original bills of ladings and invoices and all copies of export documents to clear your car or truck through customs.
best of health


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